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Exclusive tour through wine regions in France!

Champagne, Loire Valley and Bordeaux

12.09.18 to 24.09.18. Designed by Cosmo Travel. Please request itinerary for full details.

We travel along the back roads of southwest France for unparalleled fun, great food, history, culture, and exceptional wines. We´ll also see the main sights of Paris and Bordeaux, and will enjoy the spectacular panoramic view from the Eiffel Tower!

This itinerary has been especially designed by Cosmo Travel for wine, food and culture lovers, and will send you on a journey through beautiful historic towns and cities giving you access to see the most beautiful vineyards and wine chateaux, as well as the natural beauty of the Loire valley region with its castles.

Taste the local delicacies and award-winning wines of the most popular regions of France and learn about the different wines and grape varieties, all while indulging in an amazing cultural experience.

There is only 1 departure date and spaces are limited to 25 people, so be quick!

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